• Business suit iconI love WMAES. This school is tremendous and I couldn't imagine sending my son anywhere else.
    -- Jennifer Dietrich

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science has made an exhaustive review of its curriculum to ensure that all students are receiving instruction aligned to the Michigan Core Curriculum. In addition, we have maintained our focus on incorporating environmental themes throughout each student’s studies.

Monthly Environmental Themes











Personal Curriculum

WMAES offers personal curriculums for those who request this. A school district must notify each student and parent annually that all pupils are entitled to a personal curriculum, including an explanation of what a personal curriculum is and that if requested, one must be granted.

Character Education

The character education program is the vehicle through which a school culture of character is created. Our educational program clearly recognizes the obvious link between good character and academic achievement.

Crafting the student character is a top priority at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. All of our teachers and staff work diligently to incorporate core values in everything from activities programs to the disciplinary code. Character Education is integrated across the curriculum and uses monthly themes to help students actualize the concepts they are learning.

Additionally, we recognize the value of reinforcing lessons learned in school with non-classroom activities including athletics, performing arts, mentoring, Service Learning, and participation of all students in character-building activities outside of the classroom. It is our goal to help students establish a moral compass and form habits they will need for a successful life through strong work ethics and personal integrity.

Students receive individual mentoring in reading to increase their reading skills to or at above grade-level.