Summer Camps for K - 12

  • I love WMAES. This school is tremendous and I couldn't imagine sending my son anywhere else.
    -- Jennifer Dietrich


High School Garden Apprentice Program

  • 9-noon on Fridays and other scheduled dates TBD
  • WMAES high school students only

Up to 12 high school students will be chosen via an application process to learn about organic gardening practices, and to offer assistance in the garden throughout summer. Students can earn Service Learning volunteer hours for their time. They will work together with Miss Holly, Mr. Shawn, and Mr. Johnson 1 day per week (Friday mornings) in the gardens. One day will also be spent at the Fulton Street Market selling produce, and working on independent projects. Produce will be used in the school salad bar and sold after school in the fall.

**WMAES students attend all camps listed below for ½ price.**

Camp 1: Flinging Newtons


Dates: June 16-19                                                          
Entering grades 5-12
Times: 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                           
Cost: $75

Let's fling some newtons! Learn about Newtonian Physics by testing some of history's favorite projectile-launching machines. We'll be going medieval for the first two days of camp, creating catapults and trebuchets. Then we'll jump into the 21st century using rocket simulation software to design and launch real rockets! And finally, we will have an Olympic style flinging event - a trip through time and space.

Camp 2: Science Trek


Dates: June 23-26                                                         
Entering grades 2-5
Times: 9am-12pm                                                           
Cost: $60

Monday: Learn all about Astronomy and take a trek through the solar system
Tuesday: Experience the WMAES Science Laboratory and use microscopes to discover Microbiology
Wednesday: Spend time in our organic garden and eat a healthy snack
Thursday: We'll finish our trek with an adventure to Aman park to explore the stream with nets and boots!

Take a trek with WMAES and explore all the wacky, wonders of science!

Camp 3: Mad Scientist Camp


Dates: June 23-26                                                       
Entering grades 6-12
Times: 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                           
Cost: $75

It's alive! Campers will grow bacteria, collect their own DNA to take home in a bottle and explore the slimy world of pond scum. Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a jellyfish with bacteria? Come hop into a pair of goggles and gloves, and let's find out!

Camp 4: Garden Sprouts


Dates: June 30 - July 2
Entering grades 1-3 (ages 5-8)
Times: 9am-11am                                                          
Cost: $30

Bring your sprouts aged 5-8 (must have completed Kindergarten) and let's learn all about gardening! We'll plant seeds, water vegetables, weed and explore who calls the garden home. Healthy garden snacks will be provided each day. Parents are encouraged to stay for the first hour to be introduced to the gardens with their camper and meet our high school assistants.

Camp 5: Let's Build!


Dates: July 14-17                                                       
Entering grades 4-9 (ages 8-14)
Times: 9am-1pm                                                           
Cost: $60

It's going to be a noisy summer at WMAES with a new building project beginning - so let's join up and build! Campers will be part of building a new COB oven using clay, sand and straw. We might even get some structural advice from the construction folk, and get a chance to see them in action. We'll build some new structures using materials from nature in our newly designed garden area, and eat some healthy snacks. Finally, we'll learn about the local Eastern Bluebird and build new bird houses for the WMAES campus, as well as one for our campers to take home. It's going to be noisy and dirty, so bring your hard hats and let's build! Lunch provided by WMAES' lunch program.

Camp 6: Survival Camp


Dates: July 21-24                                                      
Entering grades 5-8
Times: 9am-3pm                                                          

Campers will learn all about survival skills and how our ancestors lived off the land. They will make fires with flint and steel, as well as partake in bow drills. Campers will also work on shelters throughout the week, make tools, work on mapping and compass skills, and use bows and arrows. Lunch Thursday will be around the fire that campers will make themselves.                    

Camp 7: Wild Ecosystems


Dates: July 28-31                                                       
Entering grades 2-6
Times: 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                           
Cost: GROUPN ONLY ($30)

Spend the week learning all about Michigan's native plants and animals. Campers will spend time catching and identifying insects, learning about our local plants, and making food and medicine with them. We will discover Michigan's WILD and domestic animals by playing games, exploring animal pelts, visiting with our turtle Zeek, using binoculars to ID birds and much more - all on our ecologically diverse 62-acre campus.