Our Story

  • Business suit icon"My daughter graduated in 2012, and I was more than confident that she had all the skills needed to succeed in whatever she chose to do after WMAES. I am proud to be a WMAES Eagle Mom."
    -- April Nelson - Parent and Staff

Welcome to West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science.

Children are natural learners - using adventures and experiences to shape their every day lives. When you envision your child's education, do you see them reading a textbook cover to back? Here at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science, the world is our guide book. Science and nature guide children at WMAES to experience learning. What makes us great is our belief that children thrive because we allow their learning to expand to endless possibilities - becoming an individualized learning path for each student.

At West Michigan Academy, we give students learning options. What better way to learn about water filtration than helping revitalize rivers? Learning may begin in the classroom, but our students move from desks to dirt, planting seeds in soil, and tending to our gardens to see what happens afterwards. However, just like snowflakes, we know no two children are alike. We accompany multiple different learning styles by incorporating outdoor classroom learning, with the indoor classroom. After growing salmon in a controlled habitat to release into a natural stream, students can write a paper describing what they've learner - or - they could have an oral presentation; endless learning possibilities.

Have you ever had pancakes with maple syrup - made from Maples trees you've tapped yourself? Our students at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science have. Children who are drawn to science naturally thrive here. From preschool through 12th-grade, we offer a complete, fully accredited education grounded in the disciplines and rewards of science.

Wonder what it would be like to go snowshoeing through trails in the forest? Or what it may be like to cook fresh homemade pizza in a mud oven? Students at West Michigan Academy don’t wonder – they know! We give our students 62-acres of an outdoor classroom to expand their love of learning. Farmland, nature trails, forests, wetlands, prairies, and working gardens our all available on campus for students to explore. Here, we provide all students with the environment needed for them to be successful.

Our students reap the additional benefits of programs and practices such as: character education, accelerated learning, differentiated instruction, traditional discipline, accountability for one’s actions, and demonstration of mutual trust and respect among students, parents, and teachers alike – all hallmarks of a charter school education.

At West Michigan Academy, our goal is clear: to develop both a successful student and a responsible, conscientious adult.


West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science strives to provide an environment that will foster creativity, promote academic achievement, and develop sound character and citizenship principles emphasizing responsibility to the environment and society, while maintaining and improving each child’s self-esteem and self-concept.