Academy Board

  • Business suit icon"My daughter graduated in 2012, and I was more than confident that she had all the skills needed to succeed in whatever she chose to do after WMAES. I am proud to be a WMAES Eagle Mom."
    -- April Nelson - Parent and Staff

West Michigan Academy’s Board of Directors Board stand firm for safe, secure schools and make the tough decisions to ensure that every child receives a first class education free of disruption, threat, and fear. The Board is focused on student achievement, parent satisfaction, and safe, secure location for learning.

WMAES operates under the public school academy governance structure in which the Academy is authorized (received its charter from) Central Michigan University Board of Trustees. CMU Board of Trustees appoints the WMAES Board of Directors. Members are required to be bona fide citizens of Michigan, undergo criminal records check, and comply with conflict of interest guidelines established by law and CMU.

To contact a West Michigan Academy Board Member, please contact the Board's Corresponding Agent, Stan Rathbun, at 616.785.8440 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Board Calendar 2016-2017


Interested in becoming a Board Memember for West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science?
You will find the attached form here. The instructions for sumbitting the form are located at the bottom of the document. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.


Current School Board Members are the following:

  • Board MemberPeter Vandersluis, President

  • Matthew Smith, Vice President

  • Board MemberDr. Philip Wheeler, Treasurer
    Dr. Wheeler has a BS in Science Education, Masters in Adult Education and a Ph.D in Bio-Physics. He has previously served as a high school science teacher, and later as a Chief Radiation instruction for Michigan Tech. Dr. Wheeler has spent 40 years as an independent sustainable agronomist. He has a strong belief in quality education and environmentalism.

  • Board MemberJulia Kozminski, Secretary
    Following many years of service on the WMAES school board, Mrs. Kozminski took a brief hiatus. She has since resumed her position, and is serving as secretary on the board. She is looking forward to the new school building and the positive impact it will have on the WMAES students for years to come.

  • Board MemberKate Hunt, Board Member

  • Board MemberStan Rathbun, Board Liaison